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Candice as Pan-Adore


This site is dedicated to the Acting, Dancing, and choreography of my daughter Candice E. Taylor. She is constantly working on her craft and is motivated daily by her love of performing.

When it comes to Acting she gets nothing but joy from it. If there isn't a part for her, then she'll write a film with a part for her.

When it comes to Dancing, it's the performing and not the competition that she considers the best.

When it comes to Choreography, it's got to be different and creative. Something those traditional Scottish dancers, teachers, and judges have never seen before.

Mostly, this site contains pictures of my daughter Candice's growth in realizing her own potential. It wasn't following the rules per-say of how to be a "Starlet" or traditional Scottish Highland Dance competition or what was right and wrong when it came to choreography. EMAIL any questions or interests.

Please also visit WWW.PEEK-PRODUCTIONS.COM for the Production company Candice is involved in.

Number ONE!!
To the left, Candice and the Wicked Tinkers (her first great inspiration in the field of Choreography); that year was a magical one.
Pictures of Candice here